Saturday 15 September 1984


Well we’ve been underway for 3 weeks now. It seems like a lot longer than that. It will be a nice break to be in the Philippine Islands for 3 weeks! I am going to enjoy it a lot.
Last Monday we had what they call a Captains call. The Captain comes down to the mess deck & assembles each department one at a time and listens to each persons gripes and complaints. Then he lets us know our scheduled ops for the next month. Which is.. I can’t tell you, that is classified information.
The only thing that is certain about the next 6 months is that we will be somewhere in the South Pacific. We will not be going to Japan. I am devastated!

Reason #1

Oil Painting

Photography changed everything, from the way graphics and type were applied, to the visual appearance of the printed page. The awful realities of the civil war were brought graphically to the masses and thus may have changed history. It has been invaluable as a historical record and also used in the photographic interview. It became a documentary and communications tool in the exploration of the American west. Eadweard Muybriges’ battery of cameras captured movement in time and space and led the development of motion-picture photography.

Ocher Dabs (sold)


Acrylic paintingI have been a very busy person. I have been working hard to get more work for my web design business. I updated my website with some JavaScript,  AJAX and some JSONP (a google map). Deleted it because I didn’t have enough WordPress experience. I have painted a little and have been cooking alot. The job at Denneen Pottery is getting better with new machinery that is easier on my back.