Art at Spring Street Tavern

I have installed my art at Spring Street Tavern. Acrylic, and oil paint on canvas. Charcoal on paper. And one watercolor.

June 15 to July 27th. 8am-1am

355 Monroe St NE
Minneapolis MN 55413

2 Sept 1984

craig's pottery

Well it’s 4:20 am Sunday morning. The ship is less than 6 days from Pearl Harbor, the first stop on our 7 month west pacific deployment. I stepped out on deck for a smoke before I assumed the watch. The stars were immense and filled space completely saturating heaven. I reached out because they seemed that close.


Reason #1

Oil Painting

Photography changed everything, from the way graphics and type were applied, to the visual appearance of the printed page. The awful realities of the civil war were brought graphically to the masses and thus may have changed history. It has been invaluable as a historical record and also used in the photographic interview. It became a documentary and communications tool in the exploration of the American west. Eadweard Muybriges’ battery of cameras captured movement in time and space and led the development of motion-picture photography.