I got hacked!

Hello dear readers,

My contact form was hi-jacked from a spammer. I have removed the form.

Apology to you for the inconvenience of UN-wanted emails. I will be more careful in the future.

Night Schedule

Orchid photo

I spent so much energy this Saturday trying to keep my night schedule. There is nothing to do at 3 am but play computer games. I almost started working on my portfolio but forced myself into the relax mode. Why is it such a chore to simply relax and recharge?

Taking a walk along the east river road parkway crossed my mind, just a little too cold and snowy this early. Balmier conditions will prevail next weekend, and that may be a plan.

Drove 300 miles

Japanese maple photo

I drove 300 miles to have lunch with my Mom and Sister. Hot turkey sandwich was real but burnt ends and dry stuffing gave me wicked heartburn all day. These are the times that give life meaning. Glad to hear the family news happy or sad.

Traffic was heavy driving south back to the city. Campers and boats coming home from the cabin.

I finished the course on CSS3 by Christina Truong on Lynda.com lovely voice by the way. That border radius on my about page gave me fits trying to find the selector. Just about to give up after two hours I nailed it!

Japanese Tea House (revised)

I made the trek to see the Japanese Tea House, before the Garden is closed for winter. The water falls and pond give you a sense of completeness. Landscaping encourages compassion for the fragility of living things.

I wanted the pictures of the Japanese Tea House to be easier to see on this post so I included them in this slideshow.

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pic of an eggplant

The amazing color and unique flavor of eggplant describes the harvest season best of  all the vegetables. Meteorological Summer will end in less than a week. It is time to make ratatouille. It is time to pickle cucumbers and can tomatoes for winter.  It is time to enjoy the rewards of all that you have sown.