Drove 300 miles

Japanese maple photo

I drove 300 miles to have lunch with my Mom and Sister. Hot turkey sandwich was real but burnt ends and dry stuffing gave me wicked heartburn all day. These are the times that give life meaning. Glad to hear the family news happy or sad.

Traffic was heavy driving south back to the city. Campers and boats coming home from the cabin.

I finished the course on CSS3 by Christina Truong on Lynda.com lovely voice by the way. That border radius on my about page gave me fits trying to find the selector. Just about to give up after two hours I nailed it!

My website my way.

This is a work in progress, I do make changes on this live site. I pay for it and that is the way I want to do this. Understand that if I was working for you no changes would be made on the live site until it was approved on the staging server!

sad emoji